Electronic Cig Life

Everyone is talking about the new and improved e-cigs that are sweeping the nation. Electronic Cigarettes are alternatives to smoking regular cigarettes. They contain nicotine and come in flavors that could range anywhere from blue Velvet, strawberry, watermelon. Can electronic cigs be the best thing for those that are nicotine heads and need their fix? We can only see.


Electronic Cigarette Banned?

It’s not banned. People mention that it may be banned in areas on the internet and in coffee shops , but that is only in some cities. What cities are banned? You can find out using Google but we know New York was thinking about banning them in restaurants. That doesn’t matter because you still shouldn’t be smoking electronic cigs inside with a bunch of people and sometimes kids around anyway.

E-Cigs are meant as an alternative to smoking a normal cigarette. Is it safer? Who cares, we doubt it but if you’re worrying about safety you shouldn’t be smoking anyway, It’s a fun unique way to get your fix and so long as smoking these ecigs is around I’ll be smoking them. Some people ask me what’s the best E-cigarette that’s on the market?

I just refer them to some site my brother gave me to find electronic cigarette reviews, the best e liquid, and of course the best electronic cigarette.